Ashley Andrykovitch


Ashley Andrykovitch makes tiny paintings in the dark of night. She is interested in reminiscence and a painting’s ability to provoke or inspire memories on behalf of the viewer. Her painted compositions combine both real and imaginary subjects, set in undefined spaces. Her recent series, Granny, what you done? and Livermore, combine imagery from the artist’s photography and themes from western Pennsylvanian folk tales, woven together with varying paint textures and techniques. Other themes and sources of inspiration include impermanence, feats of strength, suburban angst, days gone by, local landscapes and songs with handclaps. 

Ashley holds a B.A. in Studio Art from Saint Vincent College, a Certificate of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Fine Art from Sotheby’s Institute, and a M.A. of Elementary and Art Education from Seton Hill University. She has been exhibiting her artwork in Pittsburgh and beyond since 2006.